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Tečaj Alfa
Martin Smith - Iron Lung (CD)
16,90 EUR

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Prodaja: VP & MP

Following his 2018 Love Song For A City recorded around the globe, Martin now releases an all new studio album, Iron Lung (available May 2019) and featuring new singles “Great and Glorious” and “Fire’s Gonna Fall.”

This is a top quality recording which really captures Martin at his best. It's an album full of anthems and songs for the stadiums, churches and home.

Martin (with his trademark prophetic edge) brings us songs here that are bold, impactful, intimate, honest and vulnerable.

The title track 'Iron Lung' is a biographically themed song. Martin was born with bronchial pneumonia. His parents took him to hospital (because he wasn't making a noise) where he was placed in an iron lung. His Dad prayed, if God brought their Son through this, they would give him over to God.

'My Father made a deal with God and left me stranded in the arms of love'
'I felt your breath in my lungs and I started to sing for you.'

There are co writes here with Chris Tomlin, Bethel's Amanda Cook and Worship Central's Nick Herbert.

Iron Lung was produced by Gabe Wilson (John Mark McMillan)

For the last three decades, UK worship artist, songwriter and producer Martin Smith has been penning songs that bring fresh air to the lungs of the church.

From “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?” and “Waiting Here For You” to “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” and “History Maker,” Martin’s songs have connected generations and inspired and influenced worship leaders and worshippers alike. And whether as frontman for the groundbreaking band Delirious?, lead singer of Army Of Bones or as a solo worship leader, Martin has been involved with almost every aspect of the modern worship movement.

Married to Anna, father to six children and part of the Bright City worship team at St. Peter’s Church in Brighton, England, Martin continues to write, tour and lead worship all over the world.

Always Be My Love/
Great & Glorious/
Iron Lung/
Fire's Gonna Fall/
Everybody Is Broken/
Wonder In Our Hearts/
Rise Up/
Give Thanks For A Broken Heart

Ta izdelek je v ponudbi od: 15/05/2019.
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