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Zaščitna maska - Blessed
Zaščitna maska - Blessed
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Delirious? - Ultimate Colection (CD)
16,90 EUR 11,83 EUR

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Prodaja: VP & MP

This is a celebration album – simple as that! We honour what Delirious? have achieved, both in the Church and the mainstream world. This album archives their journey and reminds us of how faithful our God is. For some these songs will be a walk down memory lane and for others it’ll be a fresh revelation and expression. Far from being nostalgic this album is definitely for here and now . We are all called to be ‘History Makers’ - this album reminds us of this.

Delirious? (formerly known as The Cutting Edge Band) were an English Contemporary Christian band. For the majority of their career, the lineup featured Martin Smith on vocals and guitar, Stu Garrard on guitar and backing vocals, Jon Thatcher on bass guitar, Tim Jupp on keys and piano, and Stew Smith on drums and percussion. During their final two years, drumming duties were assumed by Paul Evans.

They are perhaps best known for their modern worship songs Rain Down, Majesty (Here I Am), Lord You Have My Heart, Thank You for Saving Me, Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?, What a Friend I’ve Found and their 1994 song I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, which has been called a “modern worship classic.”

The Cutting Edge Band had various members from 1992 to 1996 before the decision was made to take the band full-time as Delirious? with an established lineup. Between 1997 and 2001, the band targeted the majority of its work towards a mainstream audience, with several singles reaching the top 20 on the UK music charts. However, between 2003 and 2009 the focus was mainly placed on the Contemporary Christian Music market, although occasional singles were still released.

In the final years of their career, Delirious? began to place a strong focus on humanitarian issues in their music. Both Martin Smith and Stu G started charities. Drummer Stew Smith left the band at the end of April 2008, and it was announced via a press release in July of the same year that Delirious? would soon embark on an indefinite and probably permanent hiatus from recording and touring in order to focus on these new projects. On 29 November 2009 they gave their final performance for a sold-out crowd at London’s Hammersmith Apollo and have now officially disbanded.

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History Maker
Rain Down
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Majesty (Here I Am)
Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
Find Me In The River
Lord You Have My Heart
Shout To The North
Thank You For Saving Me
Oh Lead Me
What A Friend I've Found
Jesus' Blood
My Glorious
Our God Reigns

Ta izdelek je v ponudbi od: 14/11/2016.
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