Brian Doerksen – Level ground (CD)


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The stage was empty as award-winning songwriter Brian Doerksen and his band joined worshippers on the church floor, all lifting the name of Jesus from a place of level ground.

Deeply reverent lyrics and hauntingly beautiful music invite you to join in this very personal time with the Redeemer.

Whether facilitating personal, small group, or large corporate worship, these songs will invite you into the very presence of God.

1 Welcome To The Place Of Level Gound

2 The Jesus Way

3 Lifelong Passion

4 Enter The Rest Of God

5 Everything (God In My Living)

6 You Will Love Me In The Winter/Moonlight Sonata

7 Here Is Love/Give Thanks

8 No Condemnation

9 Giver Of Life

10 Altar Of Love

11 Whatever Comes

12 Thank You For The Cross

13 First

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Brian Doerksen – Level ground (CD)