Cory Asbury – To Love a Fool (CD)


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Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning artist Cory Asbury s new album To Love A Fool marks his second release with Bethel Music and third album to date. The album was birthed out of a year-long sabbatical, seen in the vulnerable worship and honest reflections that accompanied that time. The album has a diverse sonic landscape, from the intimate sounds of Dear God and Unraveling ; to the mountaintop moments of The Father s House , Asbury s current Billboard Christian #1. The album also houses songs with mid-tempo, pop sounds, like Sparrows and Canyons , bringing to the surface a new facet to Cory s classic sound. The album camps around a constant theme in Asbury s life, the love of God and His unwavering devotion to His children: The highest king of heaven, chose to love a fool. I don t understand it, but I know I want nothing more than you.

1. “Canyons”
2. “Sparrows”
3. “Crashing In”
4. “Nothing More Than You”
5. “Dear God”
6. “The Prodigal Song”
7. “I’m Sorry”
8. “Faithful Wounds”
9. “Unraveling”
10. “The Father’s House”


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Cory Asbury – To Love a Fool (CD)