Darlene Zschech – You are love – CD


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Best known for her work with Hillsong Church, Darlene Zschech’s classic worship songs are beloved by millions, sung all over the world and covered by a number of leading Christian artists.

In her fourth solo project, You Are Love, Zschech’s worshipful heart and desire to honor the Lord burst forth in full color. She challenges her listeners to lean a little closer to God, to hear Him speak and know His voice. The intimate, prayerful tone of the album’s opening track, “Under Grace reminds listeners of God’s grace and forgiveness, echoing, throughout the album, Zschech’s desire to reignite hope in Christ.

The sense of thanksgiving, profound worship, and a blend of energetic praise and sincere personal devotion are affectionately interwoven through You Are Love. Zschech’s soothing voice is a brush that paints a perfect picture of divine love on an album that will surely stir the hearts of millions.


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Darlene Zschech – You are love – CD