Jesus Culture – Church Vol. One & Two (2CD)


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In their 2020 release, Church, Jesus Culture has captured lyrics and melodies that carry a new sound for a new season. Church is a return to who Jesus Culture was from the start; a family with a collection of songs that reflect what God is doing in their church and their lives. Church was recorded live at Jesus Culture Sacramento over a period of four Sundays. The 18 songs recorded will be released in two volumes.

Disc: 1
1 More Than Enough
2 Still in Control
3 Anticipation
4 Revival
5 King of Love
6 Nothing But Good
7 Insatiable
8 Gold
9 I Will Not Fear

Disc: 2
1 Fearless
2 Fill Up the Sky
3 You Cannot Be Stopped
4 I Need You More Than Anything
5 Prophesy Your Promise
6 I Lift My Eyes
7 Lean Back
8 One Name
9 Freedom Is Coming


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Jesus Culture – Church Vol. One & Two (2CD)