Third day – Move (CD)


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Move is award-winning rock band Third Day’s soul stirring 11th studio album.

Produced and recorded in the band’s new studio ‘The Quarry’ and producer Paul Moak’s well known ‘The Smoakstack’, this 12-track offering is visceral and gritty, rootsy and riveting, hinting at Third Day’s southern influence.

The project leads with the dynamic first single ‘Lift Up Your Face’ with highlight tracks including the worshipful ‘Children of God’, ‘Surrender’, ‘Follow Me There’ and the raw and addictive ‘Make Your Move.’

1 Lift Up Your Face

2 Make Your Move

3 Children of God

4 Surrender

5 Trust in Jesus

6 Follow Me There

7 Everywhere You Go

8 What Have You Got To Lose?

9 Sound Of Your Voice

10 I’ll Be Your Miracle

11 Gone

12 Don’t Give Up Hope


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Third day – Move (CD)